1/5/2018 - 1/5/2018 @ 6:30 PM at Fern Creek Community Center at 6104 Bardstown Road, 40291 with Tyler Ohlmann | View Map
Session Notes:

CLASSES WILL BE HELD SATURDAYS AT 1:15 AND SUNDAYS AT 1:15 ON A FLEXIBLE SCHEDULING MODEL (come to either class each week, whichever fits your schedule best)

We will accommodate for the holidays as necessary.

Our adult curriculum gets you remarkable control over your dog and generally improves their attitude and behavior favorably. Even dogs without serious issues benefit greatly from training and you can guarantee their safety when you have more control. We hold off-leash reliability as our definition of "control".

The group format replicates the kind of distraction a dog encounters in the real world. And these classes aren't PetSmart; EVERYONE has control and they run smoothly. We have REAL solutions to REAL problems. Your dog is exposed to many different people and many different dogs. We target manners and true control in real scenarios.

Many folks are concerned with the first group class, as it is typically hectic and poorly handled by other training styles. In our classes, the first lesson is held without dogs and everyone is introduced to how we train and why we train the way we train. Everyone is given homework to prepare their dog (and themselves) for a group environment, so that everyone enters with control, no matter the baggage they bring to the table. The first group lesson is free and if you don't like what I have to say or don't think you'd like to move forward, you don't owe me a dollar.

That's what you're signing up for with this orientation.

We're training you how to train your dog the way we would train them. It's a course for both you and your dog, where we teach them right from wrong and instill good character traits in the context of classic obedience. It's not about the Sit, Down, or Stay, it's about what the dog learns through the process of being taught; self control, attentiveness, patience, discipline, confidence, submissiveness, etc. It's those traits that we're after when we train a dog.

This is a homework intensive course, but the journey to accomplishing a true human/dog bond is a fun one. At the end of training, your dog should be able to perform the following exercises on or off leash in any environment in which it's permissible to take a dog:

Heeling: loose-leash walking "at Heel"
Sit Stay: to wait patiently for your return
Down Stay: to wait patiently for longer periods
Stand For Examination: to stand still for strangers to pet, groomers to groom, or veterinarians to vet, not to mention everyday grooming needs.
Recall: Coming when called.

These exercises conform to the AKC Companion Dog standards. In addition to these formal, measurable exercises executed at a high level, you'll also be instructed on good manners, household "pack management", and problem solving tactics.

All cases of aggression are recommended to pursue a private evaluation to address the seriousness of the situation.

Cost of the lessons is due after the orientation.

I hope to hear from you and have you in class!

All dogs of all ages, backgrounds, breeds, baggage, and sizes are welcome in this class.

*All dogs should be at least 4 months old and up to date on vaccinations upon the class start date

**Both handler & dog should be reasonably fit/active without health issues

***This class is held outdoors, so dress appropriately for the weather conditions during class!
Session Details:
Cost: $0.00
Length: 1 - 1 hour 30 minute lesson
Size: up to 55

Upcoming Sessions:
Friday 3/9/2018 @ 6:30 PM with Tyler Ohlmann at Fern Creek Community Center at 6104 Bardstown Road, 40291
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